Chan Kam Lee

Chee Soo
Founder of Feng Shou
Alan Smith – 3rd Level
(Dragon Claw, White Eyebrow, Tiger Claw)

Steven Lofthouse – 4th Level
(Dragon Claw, White Eyebrow, Tiger Claw)

Angelos Fasois
(Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Eagle Claw, Taichi, Chi’na, Escrima, Founder of CCFB – Combined Chinese & Filipino Boxing)

Three Family Fist Instructors

Mark Cook – 7th Level Grandmaster*
(Heaven & Thunder Fist, White Crane, Wushu, Eagle Claw, Shaolin Gung Fu, Tiger & Dragon) Head of Three Family Fist Kung Fu
Alex Pye – 5th Level Grandmaster
Joint Head of Three Family Fist Kung Fu
James Secker – 4th Level

Sherena Skedge – 3rd Level

Judi Cook – 2nd Level

Emma Brandon – 2nd Level

Tyler Winterbone

Tyler Winterbone – 1st Level

Andrew Marron – 1st Level

Junior Black Belts

Thomas Bramwell

Thomas Bramwell – 2nd Level

Emma Matthews –Β 2nd Level

Sophie Little – 1st Level

Patrick Read – 1st Level

Bobby Moore – 1st Level

Ryan Turner – 1st Level

Evan Jenkins – 1st Level

Tom Dart – 1st Level

Sam Dart – 1st Level

Ben Norfolk – 1st Level

Will Clark – 1st Level

Lucy Clark – 1st Level

Dylan West – 1st Level

Adam Betts – 1st Level

Jez Strachan – 1st Level

Callum Adams – 1st Level

Kristen Elvin – 1st Level

Harrison Matthews – 1st Level

Seb Matthews – 1st Level

Chloe Bussey – 1st Level

Harry Bussey – 1st Level

Previous Members (No Longer Training)


Ben Pye – 4th Level

Kevin Wiles – 4th Level

Barry Warren – 4th Level

John Gosling – 4th Level

Simon Baynton – 4th Level

Vicky Goddard – 4th Level

Tom Francis – 3rd Level

Gary Brown – 3rd Level

Ian Power – 3rd Level

Tim Parker – 2nd Level

Julian Ross – 2nd Level

Vincent Mike – 2nd Level

Alec Buck – 2nd Level

Phil Danger – 2nd Level

Iain Phillips – 2nd Level

Lee Blanchflower – 2nd Level

Mark Ireland – 2nd Level

Martin Ede – 1st Level

Megan Gibson – 1st Level

Tony Little – 1st Level

Paul Rapley – 1st Level

Victoria Ward – 1st Level

Mark Sanders – 1st Level

Nigel Taylor – 1st Level

Angie Secker – 1st Level

Spencer Jackson – 1st Level

Anna Laws – 1st Level

Christine Gladden – 1st Level

Daniel Winson – 1st Level

Ruth Williams – 1st Level

David Turton – 1st Level

Stuart Chambers – 1st Level

Oliver Eastop – 1st Level

David Jeans – 1st Level

Catherine Jeans – 1st Level

Martin Lamb – 1st Level