Chan Kam Lee

Chee Soo
Founder of Feng Shou
Alan Smith – 3rd Level
(Dragon Claw, White Eyebrow, Tiger Claw)

Steven Lofthouse – 4th Level
(Dragon Claw, White Eyebrow, Tiger Claw)

Angelos Fasois
(Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Eagle Claw, Taichi, Chi’na, Escrima, Founder of CCFB – Combined Chinese & Filipino Boxing)

Three Family Fist Instructors

Mark Cook – 7th Level Grand Master*
(Heaven & Thunder Fist, White Crane, Wushu, Eagle Claw, Shaolin Gung Fu, Tiger & Dragon)
Head of Three Family Fist Kung Fu

Alex Pye
Joint Head of Three Family Fist Kung Fu
James Secker – 4th Level

Ben Pye – 4th Level

Kevin Wiles – 4th Level

Barry Warren – 4th Level

Tom Francis – 3rd Level

Judi Cook – 2nd Level

Andrew Marron – 1st Level

Emma Brandon – 1st Level

Junior Black Belts

Emma Matthews –Β 2nd Level

Sophie Little – 1st Level

Patrick Read – 1st Level

Bobby Moore – 1st Level

Ryan Turner – 1st Level


Evan Jenkins – 1st Level

Tom Dart 1st Level

Sam Dart 1st Level

Ben Norfolk 1st Level

Will Clark 1st Level

Lucy Clark 1st Level

Dylan West 1st Level

Adam Betts 1st Level

Jez Strachan 1st Level

Callum Adams 1st Level

Kristan Elvin 1st Level

Harrison Matthews 1st Level

Seb Matthews 1st Level

Chloe Bussey 1st Level

Harry Bussey 1st Level

Previous Members (No Longer Training)

John Gosling 4th Level

Simon Baynton 4th Level

Vicky Goddard 4th Level

Gary Brown 3rd Level

Ian Power 3rd Level

Tim Parker 2nd Level

Julian Ross 2nd Level

Alec Buck 2nd Level

Vincent Mike 2nd Level

Iain Phillips 2nd Level

Lee Blanchflower 2nd Level

Mark Ireland 2nd Level

Martin Ede 1st Level

Megan Gibson 1st Level

Tony Little 1st Level

Paul Rapley 1st Level

Victoria Ward 1st Level

Mark Sanders 1st Level

Nigel Taylor 1st Level

Angie Secker 1st Level

Spencer Jackson 1st Level

Anna Laws 1st Level

Christine Gladden 1st Level

Daniel Winson 1st Level

Ruth Williams 1st Level

David Turton 1st Level

Stuart Chambers 1st Level

Oliver Eastop 1st Level

David Jeans 1st Level

Catherine Jeans 1st Level

Martin Lamb 1st Level